Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wait........What?! Moments

Let me be the first to tell you that I love my city! But I witnessed what can only be described as a "wait...what?!" moment the other day. As I was sitting outside enjoying the crisp fall air in my lovely downtown coffee spot my eyes were drawn to the park across the way. I like to call this little jem of a park "bum park" due to well you guessed it ...bums. Now I will try to gently describe to you what occurred but If you know me well I won't pull any punches. There were two homeless gentlemen sharing a bench ...not uncommon you say? I agree... one was missing an arm the other had both of his appendages which seemed to be intact. The one armed man had his head back and what drew my attention was his rather loudish grunt/moan. Well the reason for the head back with said moan was the one-armed fellow was enjoying a hand job.......(yes I'll wait for you to catch it?.....I KNOW RIGHT!) from his two armed companion. For some reason my brain had difficulty processing this ...."his he ....really? the park?......wait!.......what?!"

True story kids. I love Tacoma.

Another moment that I want to share is that of pure gluttony UGH! This is a touchy subject but i'll be blunt its gross. So I'm sitting in an accounting office TRYING to get "Uncle Sugar"(Uncle Sam ..the government) to pay me back my 4000.00 dollars it keeps garnishing from me. I was being very successful with this young chap with a ache problem he was actually getting me more money! Thanks little guy! His civilian counter-part walks in and it's this robust large woman carting burgers and fries from a fast food joint. After sitting down she proceeds to devour its contents: 2 large burgers 1 large fry and a huge soda product. It hurts my heart and bowels just to type this to you. How can you eat this don't you know how "Biggest Loser" big you are!? But she wasn't done.....after her meal she went to the fridge in the office and came back with a pint of ice cream!?Wait .....What?!........(I KNOW RIGHT!) Fast forward to the evening I'm watching Sportscenter waiting for the game to come on and a Victoria's Secret ad for "What is Sexy?!" came on and my mind flashed to this woman who was maybe in her late 30's. GODDAMMIT AMERICA! we really need to eat better. I'll you what isn't sexy gross people who devour hormone laced meat cooked in fat and deep-fried taters by the 18-wheeler load. Because of this I joined this FullCircleFarms. They deliver organic produce and if wanted free-range natural beef and slow grown pork ( Ok yeah TallGirl did kinda influence this) plus artisan cheeses! I pick my bi-weekly stipend up at my gym which is convenient and sexy! So now when I go to the gym and workout then leave with organic produce the girl with the bigger arms than me knows I dig nutrition.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tall Girl Tuesday!

IT'S TALL GIRL TUESDAY!!!!!!! In honor of TallGirl and Tuesday I give you failures on a treadmill. ENJOY!!!!!!!

wait there's more.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Human Voice

I was talking to a wonderful person today about a project that I want to really do. I'm passionate about things I believe are important to me and really important to the world ...she knows this and I secretly think she loves this quality about me. But I also get scatterbrained. I have all these opinions and ideas and thoughts that need direction and structure and I thank her for telling me this and supporting me. But in the end its really the human voice..... How else can I listen to you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's raining here again. Actually it's been raining here all weekend which in itself is nothing new but today it's different. I did something that for some reason I'm not feeling good about. I went outside in my 10 dollar work jacket and my Gap jeans and my Van shoes and stood the rain and let it soak my face. It felt so good the chill of it as it slowly ran down my face onto my neck and into my free t-shirt. It awakened me and cleansed my thoughts and fears. I'm back in my cave...and even though my skin is dry now I can still feel the wonderful chill on my cheeks.

I think I really need a dog.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Big Joe and Tall Women Who Eat

The Vice President was in our fair Grit City the other day and I had a chance to see him! I know I know you're asking yourself ...Danger... how?! Well I live on Pacific Ave directly below a mediocre microbrewery and eatery which just so happened to be where the massive motorcade was scheduled to stop. As I was watching Big Joe parked below me...I couldn't see and I wanted a picture of him (who doesn't!) so I opened my window to lean out and get a good pic. DON'T DO THAT! I'm serious don't... this was of course a bad idea. Secret Service pointed at me and below me I could hear the radio traffic from the many state and local law officials say" Window opened 8th floor facing north" I thought as I heard this "I live on the 8th floor". I snapped about two pics then looked down to see cops galore looking at me. I shut the window. Now being trained as a sniper in the military I instantly thought "Wow you just became a target stupid!" But here is a fun factoid The VP is a big guy! I mean he's a tall dude.

On a side note TallGirl has a new blog and its about food! TallGirleating
She just started this blog and she just moved to Minneapolis so get ready to hear about the art of gastronomy(google this word its awesome!)